Clean Master 5.18.1 for Android Crack Full Free Download

Clean Master 5.18.1 for Android Crack Full Free Download

Clean Master 5.18.1 for Android Crack Full Free Download

Every phone needs to be secured from malware and threats lurking on the internet, but the level of protection depends on what apps you access on your phone and how much personal information you store on it. Clean Master is a great app that helps protect your phone from security risks and boosts it by managing apps that drain power and take up resources. Whenever you install a new application on your computer or you access a website using any chosen browser, more and files are created on your PC, gradually adding up and occupying space on your hard drive.

If you want to get rid of these files, you can either do it manually (and risk erasing valuable files), or you can rely on specialized utilities, such as Clean Master

This UI is neatly arranged. It displays animation revealing the amount of free storage and how much RAM memory apps on your phone use. Below, it displays all available features at the bottom of the page.

It also has a settings section where you can have the app display a permanent icon in the notification bar, have it provide you with alerts and enable the floating widget.

Clean Master 5.18.1 for Android

Thanks to an extensive research project looking at how and where common apps create junk files, Clean Master knows exactly where to look and makes no guesses.

Clean Master has also been redesigned to make it easier than ever for people to navigate, including gesture support for a smooth user experience. The floating widget is a customizable and easily accessible shortcut menu that the user can activate from the settings menu. This nifty little tool primarily displays the RAM usage in percentage and when dragged to the bottom of the screen kills background tasks to clean the cache and speed up the device. The widget when clicked provides a customizable menu containing useful shortcuts and easy access to functions like Mobile data, Wifi, Hotspot, Bluetooth, Torch etc. The user can selectively kill background tasks manually from this menu as well. In the latest version, the floating widget also provides weather information.


  • Remove Junk Files
    • Analyze and safely remove the junk files that take up your storage space
  • Memory Boost
    • Kill off buggy apps that slow down your phone and steal your memory
  • Protect Privacy
    • Locate and remove privacy information on your phone that you want to keep personal
  • App Manager
    • Full control to remove and back up the apps on your phone
  • Ignore List
    • Add files and apps to their respective ignore lists so they won’t be cleaned in the future.
  • 1Tap Boost
    • Add our widget to the home screen to conveniently kill rogue apps.
  • Auto Cleaning
    • You can set a scheduled reminder for auto cache cleaning or auto task killing.
  • Caution
    • Don’t clean casually, pay attention to what you are deleting. Clean Master is permanent.

What’s New:

  • Updated Photo Cleaning, now you can identify and clean photos & screenshots easier
  • Added a power saving introduction to help users understand how it works
  • Optimized the tools tab to be more elegant
  • Fixed a bug on some Samsung devices
  • Added Cloud Recycle Bin – Recover deleted photos from the cloud up to 30 days after deleting
  • Added avatar support to personalize accounts
  • Optimized the design of the Floating Widget
  • Fixed a crash when cleaning junk files
  • Various optimizations and bugfixes
  • Added CPU Boost feature. Find out which apps are hogging your CPU.
  • Added duplicate photo detection in Advanced Cleaning – Gallery Manager.
  • Made the weather feature in Floating Widget available worldwide.
  • Other bug fixes and optimizations.

Clean Master 5.18.1 for Android Crack Full Free Download

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